Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Painting, drawing, sculpture, miniature, wood art, sand art or art of any kind are all the different forms through which people express their creativity and thought. There are various reasons for which people create art, like for personal expression, public exhibition, or for earning. All these reasons are for getting back something either name, fame or money, what people want from their creation of art. But, here we are discussing about the children drawing. But now the question arises why should children learn to draw, especially at a time when the attention and focus of most of the educators is moving back to the basics – reading, writing, and math? Everyone will say that art helps children show their hidden ability and develop their special talent. Many parents think that painting and drawing is a wasteful and time taking activity, and instead of it children should give their time to studies of other subjects, like language, science and math, etc. But this is a wrong way of thinking. There are other benefits in drawing and painting besides, just revealing the inner hidden ability. There are two chief reasons why children’s should be encouraged to draw and paint.
The very first reason why children should be encouraged to draw and paint is that art helps children discover the joy of creating. In this age of technology most of the children spend plenty of their time surfing internet, playing online games, watching television or in video games. Their inclination is just to sit and watch. Whereas God has created us to create, and in the today’s environment, especially, young people require good opportunities to bring their imaginations live. And no other mean will be better than to art to make this possible.
Secondly, when you encourage your children learn to draw, you are help him develop his or her self-esteem and self-confidence. It is a great feeling for a child when he says “See, what I have created” or “I can draw many more things you can never imagine.” Children have a sense of achievement when they see back at what they could create and paint.
Now when you have understood the value of art education you might be thinking, how can I get my children learn art? The obvious answer is teaching the art lessons, Hands on art,  the art of colorama, Easy draw, can help you out.

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