Monday, 14 November 2011

Books & Games to Teach Your Kids Alphabets & Numbers

Most children begin recognising some letters between the ages of two and three, and can identify most letters between four and five. This means that you can start teaching your child the alphabet when he's around two -- but don't expect full mastery for some time. What's more, toddlers learn differently from older children, so don't pull out the flashcards and audiotapes just yet. Instead, rely on visual aids such as colourful alphabet picture books -- your child will have a great time pointing out the letters he knows, as well as colours, shapes, animals, and other objects in the book.
Teaching the kids all about alphabets and numbers usually involves books, posters, plastic blocks or glossy books. Of course, you had to put a lot of effort and patience too in making your child learn. The patience bit by and far has remained unchanged across the generations, but a few latest teaching tools to help with learning alphabets and numbers have come into the picture. Check out the internet for such stuffs, which will help your child learn with fun.
In order to get these books and the tools of teaching you need not go in the market and search through all the stationery shops, you just need to search the internet and place your order, product will be delivered at your home with ease and convenience within two or three days.

Parents and guardians will be grateful for the unique challenges that crop up when children begin with their pre-schooling. What probably helps today’s parents is the relative precociousness of the “digital age”, wide variety of learning tools and aids helping the child learn with ease. They seem to be naturally drawn towards anything that’s interactive and enhance the skills of the child so that he can grasp the alphabets and numerical easily. If he seems interested, feel free to continue helping your child learn more letters. But if he's under four and shows no interest, it's best to let it go for a while. No evidence suggests that very early alphabet learning is related to more advanced reading skills later on.


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