Monday, 14 November 2011

Teach Children ABCs in Simple & Fun Ways

Children those who learn their ABC’s before they begin to go in the Kindergarten have a jumpstart in school for success throughout their educational life. The ABC’s (alphabets) are the fundamental building blocks of learning for the very young children preparing themselves to get their feet wet in the pool of education. This simple alphabets or ABC learning process will make this much required and essential information go smoothly for children and their parents.
In order to make your children learn the simple alphabets you can use a variety of methods, aids and tools, like, posters, flash cards, books, blocks stickers, etc. Once your children learn their ABC’s then a fun way to continue their learning is to teach them their ABC’s in the reverse order. Have you ever been asked to recite your ABC’s in reverse order? It’s a struggle in real for anyone who has never been taught how to do it. You can make your children learn the alphabets in reverse order and when your kids step up to show off their talent they will be endowed with cheers, astonishment, clapping, and words or praise from onlookers. You certainly will be proud on your children. And this can be done while looking into the Flash Cards in reverse order beginning from the letter “Z” then “Y” and so on.
Following tips will help you teach your preschool children their ABC’s and your older children their ABC’s in reverse order. Have fun!
Music, rhythm and nursery rhymes are the aids through which most of the preschool going children learn. The repetition of lyrics and melodies are beguiling to young children and this is pleasure for them to do so. Kids going to the Kindergarten school alone spend three hours a day learning through songs, nursery rhymes or poems. This all makes your child learn the concept of their ABC’s, numbers, phonics, characterization and a lot of other significant conceptual strings speedily, conveniently and with much better understanding. Parents can also make some more efforts to make kids learn through other interesting methods, like blocks, puzzles, flash cards etc.
Hence, using the basic ABC song is the primary step for preschoolers to learn their ABC’s. Sing the ABC’s song regularly, as often as you can and also ask your child to sing with you. You can even do this while you are in your car with your child waiting on a signal for a red light to turn green or while you are cooking dinner, etc. Besides this, there are a lot of such opportunities when you can sing praise to this delightful song, which they will learn in Kindergarten anyway, but you can keep them a step ahead of their class, by regularly doing this.
Helping them to recognize the letters could pose more of a challenge. One method could be funny and effective. You can use Early Learning ABC flash cards or Flash cards for beginners and while they are going over each alphabet make a fun sentence or word to relate with that letter, let’s say, A. “Like A is an apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This will retain that letter in their little mind, and it works every time.
You can also buy and use fun ABC’s materials, such as the ABC refrigerator magnets that can be stuck on the refrigerator and played with together, ABC posters, charts etc. You can check out internet for these products.
Main points to address:
  • Use flash cards on regular basis.
  • Have fun while teaching, don’t take it as a tedious work.
  • Try not to miss any opportunity to sing the ABC song.
  • Add fun materials to incorporate the ABC’s learning.
  • Remain cool and calm throughout your child’s learning process.

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