Monday, 14 November 2011


It is often heard people saying that “it’s never too late to study”. But, it in fact it will be ‘too late’ if you won’t teach your child the building blocks for reading before he ever enter into the classroom. You can begin working with your child’s teacher, once your child enters the school to get help in teaching and your child’s learning process. Making your child read will require constant dedication and unending patience.
So, you should try hard to make reading a significant part of your child’s life before he can even speak. In order to do so, read to your child as they develop in the womb and when they are babies. The great hero Abhimanyu of epic Mahabharata is the one example that babies start learning when they are in womb of their mothers. Don’t ever think that they will read by themselves, because nowadays Ekalavyas are very rare, who learnt the art of shooting arrows without any teacher. When your child is two years old, begin to read out loud to them while they follow along by looking at the pictures in the book you are reading to them. A little later you can begin pointing out words in the book to your child when you are reading their favorite stories.
You should also read your children books with rhymes as the rhymes are easy to remember for the kids because of their funny language and words. Begin introducing your child to the alphabet from a young age. You can start singing the ABC’s song when your baby is just a couple months old, between twelve to eighteen months, your child will begin to sing parts of the ABC’s song on his own. After a few months, you can start showing them the letters of the alphabet on a chart as you sing through the tune.
Begin to show sounds made by each letter of the alphabet when you kid reaches the preschool age. Be patient and take your enough time teaching him sounds of all the letters of the alphabet. When your child begins to comprehend the different sounds made by letters of the alphabet, you can begin teaching some basic words. Take each letter of the alphabet and teach your child common words that begins with that letter. Write down the words for him to see in a note book or the easel board. Now show these words in his book to explain him how the word is written. Till this time, your child will begin to recognize simple words like apple, cat, bat, dog, cap, rat, mat, ball, doll, etc.
Before going further teach your child to write the letters of the alphabet first. You can buy practice books that facilitates children trace each letter and practice writing the letters before they try to write letters on their own somewhere else. Gradually your child will begin learning to trace and write simple words such as: dog, cat, bat, ball and top etc, in such practice books.
Now when your child starts learning the words give him some basic books of phonics. Then you can give him phonic cards which come along with pictures which are easier for children to recognize and remember. You also can add some phonic puzzle games to enhance his knowledge and practice more on the different types of words and letter combination.
Colorful charts with huge or big letter would really be of great help for the children in the learning and reading process. Read the letters and words in the chart aloud and clear so that they will easily listen and remember. It would be of greater help if you can hang the chart in such an area where they could easily take a glance to see them often. It will make them read and remember easily and quickly.

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