Monday, 14 November 2011


Every child love to paint, draw and make colorful things and pictures. So, every house with children needs a crafting box and coloring material, so that they can paint and draw their imagination in their idle time. With a few basic supplies and a little creativity, an idle day can turn into a fun day and a creative wonderland of colorful glitter, glue and paint. So, if you don’t have these materials get them now to keep yourself ready to get crafty with the kids. You can give your children book of art and craft so that they can get new ideas on crafting.
In order to make a variety of crafts you must have a good number of color paper, art paper, construction paper, etc., then only it is possible to make crafting a fun activity for the kids. Construction paper is used for covering surfaces and also to collage scenes by cutting and pasting different shapes on it. Crepe paper can also be used for your craft making as it gives excellent texture to any craft due to its grainy quality. Whereas for watercolor painting or simple drawing white computer paper can be used.
Although your kids are creative enough, but, it’s not a bad idea to give them a few good books on art & craft, so that they can learn something more and get much more creative.
A wide range of coloring and paint supplies are required for any crafter, so it should be on hand prior than you begin to make any craft. Watercolors and acrylic paints are ideal for all age groups when they have to make an abstract or paint-by-numbers crafts. For drawing and detailing wax crayons, colored pencils and markers are best items.
Basic crafting tools also comprise scissors in order to cut fabric and paper, as well as safety scissors with rounded edges for small children. Patterned-edge scissors are useful for adding a decorative edge to crafts like photo frames and cards. A large variety of paint brushes is also required that are suitable for painting large areas and for detail work. Brushes can also be used for applying liquid glue on a big surface area, because it is quite hard to apply glue on large areas with fingers, glue stick or tube. Crafters should also have pencils, permanent markers, staplers and rulers.
Glue will be required by the home crafters to paste all substances and textures available. For younger children glue sticks are ideal, while liquid glue is a stronger adhesive but needs proper supervision for children under five.

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