Monday, 14 November 2011


It is a well-known fact that education is very important for human being. Everyone knows the significance of education and the way it helps us attain success and achieve our dreams in life. The foundation of good education begins with learning counting and reading. That’s why preschoolers are first of all taught alphabets and numbers. But unfortunately, studies on the children shows that a million, or more than that encounter difficulty in reading, when they are admitted in the schools; they even don’t know how to read. So, besides setting aside funds for your children’s education it is also your responsibility to teach them how to read before the step into the classroom. You can take help of books like Reading and Writing in Kindergarten – A Practical Guide, Why We Teach, There is a New Baby at Home!, or Reading and Writing with Nursery Rhymes. These all books will guide you how to teach your child, so that he don’t get embarrassed in his first classroom.
Usually the mothers of the child assume this responsibility for as they are the ones who remain at home to take care of their children and teach them good things and the basic things. In the present day social setup, both parents go out to work in order to fulfill the requirements of their family, and to give their children costly and higher education, so they just leave their children on the hands of their grandparents or hourly paid nannies. But they cannot teach your children they way you can. Their sole concern is limited up to the safety and wellness of your children, and they are just doing their duties, in that no emotional strings are attached, the way you do have. So now the question arises, how can I teach my children to read with my busy schedule? If I won’t work how the expenses and needs of the family will be fulfilled? What will happen to my child's future and education. How my child will cope up with the world and the society, etc.
But don’t worry, just think about your children for whom you are working so hard, earning and saving money to provide them with the best education in the best schools and colleges with the state of the art facilities. Aren’t they your prime concern? Once they begin learning and memorizing, they will be easier for you to teach and make them read. There is no denying the fact that teaching the children is not an easy task, especially when you are dealing with toddlers whose attention span is very limited. You just need to cool, calm and patient. A study conducted on the tiny tots all over the world in different age groups of children, it was found that the younger children are difficult to handle but easy to teach, because, learning, getting information and memorizing things is easy for them as their brains are in the developing stage. Their brains are like the sponges that absorb vast amount of information. But for this, you need to spend a lot of time with your children to monitor them, whether they are just reciting the words are really learning, recognizing and memorizing the letters. 
After you have make them perfect in recognizing, reading and memorizing, you will feel happier on their progress, and you need not face the embarrassing words by the neighboring ladies, or the teachers of the your child in the parents-teacher meetings.

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