Monday, 14 November 2011


Upbringing a child in a healthy and sound way is the hardest, most responsible and satisfying task a human being can face. It's also the job for which people receive the least formal training. Each person's know how or understanding of how to bring up a child generally comes from their background and their own childhood.
Parents are role models
The most significant role models children would have are the parents. Children mostly copy their parents for a lot of things and behavior. So parents should pay compliments and show respect, love, kindness, honesty, friendliness, generosity and hospitality to their children, doing this will encourage them to behave in the same way in their life with others.
Unconditional love is the real love. Parents should put across their unconditional love for their kids, over and above also provide them with the continued support they necessitate to become self-assured and content.
It's also significant that parents set practical expectations for their children and tell them beforehand in plain words what they are expecting from them. But always remember that every child is not same, everyone has different caliber and area of interest. So, don’t try to make your child a scientist if he is good in cricket.
Why is discipline necessary?
Discipline is a very important factor in shaping one’s personality. So it very crucial factor when you are bringing up a child. All children require and would like reasonable boundaries. Children learn that some sorts of behavior are up to standard and others are not through the discipline. Setting boundaries for behavior of the children helps them to learn how to behave in society, school, with friends and relatives.
Being a parent is a 24×7 job, you can’t take leave for a day in this job. The rules have to apply each and every day.
Irregularity and be deficient in of discipline produce perplexed and rootless children – who will test their parents continually to find out what the world is all about. The children who are provided with the consistent boundaries by their parents eventually end up with the better behaved children and later on good citizens. For this reason good parenting is very much essential.
Spending enough time with your children
A child's supreme requirement is spending quality time with their parents, in which they get their care, love, affection and knowledge.
In the present day work environment where both the parents are working, finding time to spend together as a family with the children can be quite difficult. But despite this, you must try to find some time every day on the occasions, such as during breakfast or dinner, and on the weekdays more than that limited time when the whole family can be together. Fixed routines are significant for children. They really want you to be with them.
Getting together and talking with each other is really a good idea for everyone. To talk about the events of the whole day no other than the mealtimes provide a better opportunity. During this time everybody should participate in the conversation and the parents should pay attention and show interest in whatever their children say. If you won’t show attention to their talks they will feel ignored.
Another good idea is to reserve a special day for a special activity with the children. For example, you can take them to movie on the Saturday evening, shopping on Sunday, library on Tuesday evening, etc. Because, children like to have special days reserved for special activities, and they will enjoy this all very much.
You must encourage your children to participate in planning the activities. It’s always good for a family to spend time together and do fun things like going to market place, going to movies or concerts, or going to visit places of interest, for example, zoo, fairs, historical monuments, museums, art & craft galleries, etc.
How the good communications helps children learn?
Children are very curious about the things and their environment, they ask questions about various thing, you must explain them politely. You should explain them how things are connected, for instance, in terms of cause and effect, etc. You can give them books related to their questions or you can read those books for them, so that they can understand how the things occur.
The children whose parents think out loud can see their children develop and similar sort of thought. By this process, they learn to talk and think in a more refined way.
Encourage your children to talk and ask questions when they want to do so. They may express frustration and stop wanting to share their thoughts and feelings if you are dismissive, or always say you are too busy. This way they feel ignored.
When you are discussing options to do something, let them take part in that, also talk about consequences. This way the possible outcome will persuade your final decision. You should be open to the child's suggestions. You must authorize them to participate in the matters of negotiations and the decision.
A child will become confident and learn the rules of a good communication experiencing the above all.

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