Monday, 14 November 2011


Teaching your child some basic life skills like good manners, effective learning and reading is both an indispensable and a rewarding task. Things can get a bit cluttered, nevertheless, when your child realizes that you yourself are not properly aware of a few basic skills. Nevertheless, let’s suppose that we are all (more or less) knowledgeable, self-respecting individuals who are enthusiastic and able to communicate to our young children some of the fundamental skills that we all need to bargain the severity of life.
There is no denying the fact that getting children to begin reading at an early age can have some truly positive advantages in their later lives. Be careful not to overlook the most obvious thing; parents need to spend time reading to their children. Encouraging a child to read at an early age isn’t as significant as making the child believe and trust that reading can be fun by reading to a child by you. A number of children in school misbehave for the reason that they trail behind in basic skills like reading. They get bored and indignant and cause troubles in school, which leads to suspensions and other punishments which further increases their feelings of neglect.
There is apparently more to life than reading – there’s a very vast world outside and it’s really significant for your children to get to play outdoors and to interact in a physical way with their surroundings. But reading is a good habit and becomes an asset for life and developing the skill of reading can be vital for success afterward in life. Most of us are settled upon that principal factor in learning to read is, support from parents and siblings. The millions of those children, in whose homes no one reads, find it very difficult, to catch up with children, who have always seen the members of their family reading something, because, they start copying their family members at a very age of their life and gradually they develop the habit of reading in themselves. The problem is how to help those children who have no readers in their family to model themselves on.
The Mantra of Teaching — Patience, Consistency and Motivation
There are three just words to explain how you will teach your kid’s the basics of life; patience, consistency and motivation. Many of the time it has been observed that when parents try to get something done by their children, and the children make a mess of it, so the parents stop the children doing that work and start doing it themselves perceiving it is just easier than to mend it and telling the children how to do it appropriately. Children are intrinsically lethargic about effort that does not bring immediate delight or pleasurable experience.
So rather than keeping them away from doing work and messing up the things, make their learning enjoyable and gratifying. Motivate them always whenever they make an effort, in spite of whether their attempt is successful. Once motivated a child will try repeatedly to get mastery over a task. Be patient. Be consistent. Inculcate in them the habit of self reliance which eventually brings self respect. Indeed, the fourth word is respect. If there is an environment where all the members of the family are respected, the child grows up having in his mind how worthy he is. Applauds like ‘Good job’ or ‘That’s much better this time’, ‘excellent’, ‘keep it up’, etc., goes a long way. Being valued as the respected members of the family, children learn self-respect. So, it is necessary to create such an environment in the home.
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