Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to Plan Summer Activities for Kids

    If you are trying to find something to do on a rainy holiday or for entire summer vacation, you need to be imaginative and creative to keep your kids engaged and entertained. Because kids mostly feel bored sitting idle at home or they will start doing mischievous things which will irritate you. Following tips will help you plan fun and entertaining activities for your kids so that you can keep them out of boredom and give them something to enjoy their long summer break. 

Benefits of Creative Activities for Kids

    Doing creative activities with children is a healthy way to help them grow and learn. A child is engaged on a creative level every time he draws, paints, make sketches, builds with blocks, plays games, reads and engages in a myriad of other creative activities. 
    • Imagination: A child's imagination is engaged by creative activities and it also inspires his thoughts and perceptions. For example, reading helps a child to experience a world outside of his own, and further he can express that world in his drawings and paintings. This way his thinking, reading and comprehension skills will improve. 
    • Problem-Solving: Creative activities give ample opportunities to kids to solve problems, challenging a child's thinking, expanding his perspective and rewarding his initiatives. 
    • Skill Development: Creative activities can help children build both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Games such as volley ball, basketball, football etc., help children develop their gross motor skills, while painting and drawing strengthen their fine motor skills. 
    • Bonding Time: When parents and older siblings work with children on creative projects and activities, they strengthen their relationship and bonding by spending quality and invested time together. A game of riddles or game of puzzles offers opportunities to talk, laugh and enjoy each other's company. 
    • Teamwork: Creative group activities teach children how to work together toward a common goal, building both their individual self-confidence as well as their ability to contribute as a member of a team. For example, the game of cricket or football infuses team spirit in the kids and also builds self confidence in them.
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    1. Hey! I couldn't find a contact form but I wanted to let you know that we wrote about your blog today on Thanks for providing us with some good tips on keeping the kids busy:)

    2. We have to inspire the kids for drawing. Actually it's better if we can encourage the kids to do any creative works and also play skills game.

    3. Very nice and informative blog. Ur site sucks but blog is really good. Nice articles and very nice thoughts.

    4. Planning for summer activities is not that easy. You need to think of an activities where kids can learn and experience new things. They must also develop some of their abilities and personalities, but all in all they also need to enjoy.

    5. Thanks for sharing your post! Everyone knows how active kids get in the summer with the nice weather and no school. From taking off the gas grill cover to get the BBQs started, to day camps and even simple home activities like these, there is a ton of stuff for kids to do!