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How to Make Kids’ Summer Break Chilling with Constructive Games

We are discussing a few games which will keep your kids engaged and smiling throughout the summer and despite of getting bored, your kids will be learning something with fun.
Don't Get Caught in the Web
Select an area that has too many obstacles, may be tables, chairs, cupboards, sofas, doors and other objects. Set up the gaming area by tying a string throughout the area. Tie the string in the way so that there are only a few ways to get through the string web. For this the string can be attached with doors, under tables, across chairs, windows but nothing that would be knocked over like metal vases, lamp shades, and can cause injury to the participants or valuable equipment which might make loss if broken. Now call the players to come into the area and they must get through from one side to another without touching the string web. This way kids will be amused and will do physical and brain work to get through the web without touching the strings.
This game requires the use of index cards, a large drawing area or dry erase board, a stopwatch and erasable markers. Start by writing clues on the index cards. Then divide the kids into two teams. Delegate a player on the first team as the player who will draw and have him or her pick a card. The word on the card tells what the child has to draw, for example, a cat, a bat, a hut, a rat or anything what kids and draw easily. Set a time limit, such as two or three minutes, and start the stopwatch. The child draws while his/her teammates try to guess what he or she is drawing. If the team guesses what is being drawn correctly, the team is awarded a point. Continue until each player has had a chance to draw. And set some gift for the winning team. This way kids will enjoy the game.
To play the guessing game, you will need flash cards, glue, magazines, newspaper, old books and a box. Go through the magazines, newspapers, old books and cut out simple objects like clouds, dogs, cats or anything else that you find. With the help of glue paste the pictures to the Flash cards. Place the cards in the box and shake the box to mix them all. Ask a kid to come and pick out a card from the box. Then say him to explain what the object is without actually naming the object. The other players have one minute time to figure out what object the kid is talking about. Continue until you have used all of the selected pictures. Then make points according to the right guesses made by the kids, the kid who has made most right guesses is the winner. In other way this game could be played with the pictures of some great scientists, inventors, political figures, actors, freedom fighters etc., and other kids have to guess the name of the figure. While the kid who is acting about the figure is not allowed to speak the name of the person in the card picked by him or her.
This is a real fun game for kids. You can begin by looking around the house and selecting objects to use as targets, for example, empty cereal boxes, empty plastic bottles, empty coke cans, and toilet paper tubes. Give each player items to hit the targets with, such as soft balls or rolled-up socks. Use chairs or tables to set up the objects. Use a belt or mark a line with chalk to create a throwing line on the floor at least 10 feet away from the target. Now ask kids to come one by one and hit the target. Assign a point value for hitting each object and keep score throughout the game. The first child who hits the maximum objects with maximum points is the winner.
For this game, you will need the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Give each child approximately the same number of pieces. You may also divide the group into teams. Challenge the children to put the puzzle together. This task will require communication and collaboration. After the activity, ask the group to discuss how they got started, what problems they faced and how they overcame the problems. Ask them to give examples of situations where better communication or cooperation could have given better results. This game enhances team spirit and skills in the kids.
This is a very entertaining and fun game for kids that can keep them active while they are kept indoors in hot summer days. In order to play this game, one child is selected to pretend that he is an animal. For instance, he can hop around like a kangaroo or slither around on the floor like a snake, or climb on something like a monkey. You should encourage the kids to be creative while playing this game. If a child correctly guesses the animal, he is able to take the next turn at mimicking an animal. This game surely brings loads of laughter in the kids.
For playing this game first of all place some chairs in the middle of your living room. You need to place a number of chairs that is one less than the number of kids participating in the game. Keep a music system on a table a little far from the kids and the chairs placed. Then play the kids' favorite music, and ask them to walk around the chairs in a circle. Tell them prior to start of the game that when music will be stopped they need to sit on the chair quickly, and only one child on one chair. The child who does not have a chair is out of the game. Take one chair away and start the music again. Repeat this process until one child and one chair are left. That child is the winner of the game. Encourage the kids to dance and have fun as they walk around the chairs. This way kids will find this game much more entertaining and fun filled.
Board Games
There are dozens of different types of board games for kids in different ages which can entertain kids for hours when it's time to play inside and hot outside. Some board games need strategy and skill, whereas others rely on the roll of the dice to decide how the game goes. Checkers, a classic board game where kids move small, colored pieces around a checkered board in order to collect their opponents pieces, is one example of an easy-to-learn board game. Other examples are, chess, ludo or the game of snake and ladder. This keeps kids engaged, entertain and safe in summer time.
Safety Tips
Establishing safety rules before you play active indoor games reduces the chances of injuries or broken items in your home. Practice walking instead of running and remind the kids to watch the pace if they start moving too fast. Create a safe zone for the game play without any breakable items in the area. Move breakable items or heavy items which can cause injury out of the way before the game if necessary.
Making reading pleasurable is a fundamental way to encourage learning, promoting literacy and inspire your child to read. Cool reading games for kids help make reading a fun, interactive experience and can motivate reluctant readers to get tangled with books. Reading games work by creating an atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm, giving opportunities for child-directed instruction, and facilitating the requirements of English language learners and struggling readers learning beside their peers. Using reading games, in addition to having regular reading times, reinforces learning. And the long summer holidays are best time to keep kids engaged, entertained, and learn something interesting and new. Following are few Reading Games which can help you keep your kids engaged and have fun while learning in the summer holidays.
This classic word-game is easy to play, endlessly variable and appeals to all ages. Your child can play it online at educational sites. Or it also can be played with pen and paper, though, making it an excellent game to play while traveling or in a waiting room. Play with one or several people, with one person picking a word and the others trying to fill in the correct letters. The one who first fills the correct word is the winner. This way kids will learn language as well as they will improve their vocabulary.
An all time favorite of both kids and adults, word search puzzles are great reading and learning tool for the reason that they need very close reading and train kids' eyes to seek out word patterns. With the game of word search kids also develop attention and promote visual recall. Word searches or word puzzles are also readily available in books, magazines, newspapers etc., for on-the-go.
Crossword puzzles are best game for the kids because this game can boost their brain. Practically anyone can strengthen their mind power just by doing crossword puzzles every day. One can only strengthen his or her brain power by exercising it. The more of these crossword puzzles that a child complete the much more his or her intelligence will strengthen with time. The child’s vocabulary, concentration, and memory can all benefit by simply working on some crossword puzzles on a daily basis. Researchers have proved that the task of solving puzzles can help to better the kid’s brain. The kids can develop their vocabulary by doing crossword puzzles by understanding and bringing in practice far more words. This assists him or her to know a lot more words and to understand them when they have to use them. This is a marvelous activity to have, to  improve one’s vocabulary and conversation skills.
Kids sudoku puzzles are a great brain building activity for children of all ages. Not only does sudoku motivate the use of logic and problem solving skills, it also develops brain power and introduces basic math skills to children of a very young age. The focus needed by children to solve mental puzzles such as sudoku contributes to the development of their concentration, patience and attention span. Kids also gain great satisfaction by finishing a puzzle on their own, which can lead to better confidence in their mathematical and educational life (which, obviously, means a convenient and more enjoyable time while learning).
To make the summer holidays of kid’s amusing, informative and full of fun has introduced an entirely new range of products including books which will keep kids engaged and enjoy their summer holidays with tons of fun.


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