Thursday, 26 July 2012

Positive Parenting

Bringing Up positive and self reliant children is the most tough and challenging job that also provides parents an huge atonement that they are taking their kids on path of success. But, most of the parents are not well prepared to take on the task of parenting their children in a positive and encouraging way. It’s very easy if they take a little care of little facts and go with them. Here are some simple and basic techniques that assist you in bringing up your kids in a positive manner and leading them to be successful in their lives.
Teach Self Esteem
Children are the mirror images of their parents, mainly of their mothers. As soon a baby takes birth, he starts developing a sense of self esteem that is very basic and primary. In fact, the baby sees the external world through his parent’s eyes for the first few months under their care and love. He begins learning about the environs through his parent’s actions and reactions. Parent’s behavior and mannerisms can affect their kid’s self esteem to a large extent. Little words of appreciation and encouragement can help the child to develop a keen sense of self esteem. Contrarily, making distasteful and needless comments and criticisms may make child feel depressed and think in negative ways.
  • Never use bad words to scold your child. Avoid using words like “stupid”, “you are good for nothing”, etc.
  • Never degrade or criticize you child by comparing him with other kids. Example: “Look at your friend, He is so good”, “You act like a small baby than your little brother”, “Why can’t you top in the class like your friend XYZ”, etc.
Uttering carefully selected good words can have an unfathomed effect on your child’s psyche and mentality. Let your kids know that you really care for them. Show your caring attitude to them with your words and actions.
Devote Quality Time
This is conceivably another most significant parenting factor that most of us miss as dedicated, loving and caring parents. We are always busy in doing different, simultaneous tasks at the same time and keep ourselves occupied. But, children badly need their parent’s time for their speaking up their minds, sharing their thoughts with them, to make their needs and requirements meet. Giving good and quality time to children will help them develop a close, warm and affectionate bond with you.
  • Get up early to finish your household chores and preparations for your other work so that you can be available with your children to have a leisurely breakfast with them.
  • Try hard to spend some quality time to read bed time stories and nursery rhymes for them, because children love to listen stories and rhymes from their parents.
  • Drop your children to school and bring them back in the evening yourself, it will make them feel secure and also that you care for them.
  • Reserve at least half an hour to play with your kid. As far as possible, try to play games those teach skills and intelligence to children.

Be Responsible and Become Role Model
Kids learn and understand by watching their parent’s mannerisms, behavior and actions how they act in front of other people. Younger your kids pick up cues from their parents. Be aware that your kids are watching you all the time and trying to act everything they observe from you.
  • Show respect to others so that your child learn the same trait from you.
  • Other noble characters to show your kid are: friendliness, honesty, kindness, tolerance, complimenting others, and being modest to others.
Better Communication
Most of the parent’s always wish their kids to listen and obey to whatever they want them to do. This seems to be a wrong attitude on the parent’s part. You simply cannot expect your kids to obey and follow your orders just because you are a parent! Rather, you must explain and convince your kids about any issues that you want them to tackle on their own. Make suggestions and try to make them understand what you want them to do. You can also offer them a range of choices to choose from.
It has been observed that children who are able to participate in decision making process with their parents are more capable to perform better in whatever they do or perform. So every parent should invite their children to offer suggestions on any decision making task related to household work, etc.
To conclude, none of us are the perfect parents in this world. Similarly as our kids, even we need to learn, understand and master the skills and techniques of better and effective parenting. Once we learn how we can nurture our kids in a positive way, the rest becomes so easy and productive for both our kids and us.
We would love to know what you think about this article, your comments and suggestions make us research and write more better to serve you and other parents.

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