Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Benefits of Educational CDs for Children - A New Era of Fun Learning

Interactive and Fun Learning VCDs/DVDs represents real life situations and its interactivity permits children to analyze the situations, associate themselves with the characters, and get feedback on their answers. There is plethora of educational toys, computer games, fun learning VCD’s for children in offline and online market today. Parents and educators often see these tools as a way to advance their young kid’s computer literacy skills as well as reading, math and critical analytical skills. There is a variety of types available for children of all ages.
Educational CD’s remain a popular choice of both parents and children so make the most of your viewing time by choosing wisely. Lively and upbeat educational VCD’s having good and melodious sounds plus nice graphics can turn passive viewing into a valuable learning experience, and hence  more things to retain for the kids in their brains. For example, younger children respond well to school topics such as learning to read, ABC’s, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Stories, Rhymes and more. Why not encourage your child’s participation by viewing and singing along as well!
Likewise, listening to lively children’s VCD’s can be a stimulating experience for children. Whether in the car, during playtime or anytime, these educational VCD’s can be a source of entertainment and exposure to basic concepts or fictional characters. You can also enjoy the music with your child by singing, clapping and dancing along. Music introduces rhyme and rhythm, and is an important part of learning.
In addition to building fundamental language skills, reading is beneficial for all children for the reason that it is an essential part to learning all subjects. Fortunately, there are now so many VCD’s available to parents and teachers alike that make learning much more convenient for children. While children can benefit from the conventional teaching methods in the classroom, VCD’s make the process fun for children, which effectively turns learning into child's play. And Kid’s really do enjoy watching animated movies.
Another significant aspect of VCDs/DVDs is the section which is targeting educators. The CD-ROM offers a number of lesson plans which teachers can use in class, and children themselves can use these CDs for home learning, each one is based upon the topics of practical life situations, presented in an easily understandable manner. The same aspect is taken during the production of Children Educational CDs . A special tool has been designed for secondary schools as well for most of the state education boards - A manual which enables the teachers and the Instructional designers to integrate topics within the set curriculum, topics could then help the students in their personal and social development.

Many types of Educational VCD’s / CD’s are available across online & offline stores as :

Math and Reading Help
Math and Reading Help VCDs contain a number of different ways to assist children in developing their mathematical and reading skills. The VCD contains different number and alphabet games to aid comprehension. Among these games is a version of "Hangman" that helps children try and understand words by guessing letters. This game works by enhancing letter recognition skills. This also aids in sight word recognition as well as improving the spelling skills.
The Phonics Game
The Phonics VCD imparts the sounds of the letters as well as spelling rules using fun games. Some games involve the use of cards, while others are accompanied by instructional voice over that too in very melodious voice to keep children listen and follow. The Phonics VCD also includes games to sharpen computer skills as well as audio voiceovers for increased comprehension of the child.
Word Chase
Word Chase is one of the most popular board games that help children read by introducing them to some of the most common words in the English language. Made for children ages four and older, it includes only lowercase letters for the reason that they are found most often. Word Chase is a good starting point for children who are learning to read. A buzzing sound even lets children know if a letter is upside down, helping them to recognize the correct placement. Word Chase is a fun way for kids to spend time with their parents while learning their sight words. And what a best alternative could be than a VCD comprising all the word chase games through which children can learn the alphabets and numbers.
The Benefits of Fun Learning VCDs/DVDs:
  • Introducing preschoolers to significant pre-reading skills.
  • Activities focus on Cause and Effects, Labeling Emotions and Exploring social and emotional Consequences of decisions.
  • Set to very lively, toe-tapping music based on Mozart and Beethoven classics.
  • Social skills are stressed throughout; Characters work together to achieve a goal, and ultimately end their experience on a positive note.
  • Provide a good early computer experience.
  • Provoke positive feelings toward computers.
  • Give emphasis to short-term memory skills.
  •  Reinforce abilities such as following directions and listening.


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