Wednesday, 14 March 2012

How to Ease Back to School Stress?

Change may be good, but it’s not necessarily easy. Switching from the home play fun to rules, homework, and routines can be a big jump for parents and children alike. But with a little preparation and the right attitude, it doesn’t have to be so hard. Here are some ways to get ready and motivated for a great year.
Getting Geared Up
For many families, buying new stuff is a fun way to get into the back-to-school groove. But if you’re not careful, shopping can be a budget buster. Choose new items wisely, don’t overbuy, and check with school for the required material for your kid.
School Uniform: Try to gather information from the school, what type of clothes and shoes are recommended for the kids according to the season. Try to buy clothes a week or two earlier than the first day of school, so that you can check whether they properly fit to your child. If you are giving school uniform for stitching to the tailor, make sure that he/she delivers them at least ten days earlier than the school opening day so that you can get it fit properly if the need arises. Because, sometimes they might be stitched loose or tight according to your child’s physic. Buy socks, shoes, belts and ties well in advance so that on the first day of school your child might get dressed completely. Get your children excited for the new school year with a new outfit purchased early in the back-to-school season.
School supplies: Start looking early for items you know your kids will need. Designate a box for supplies so you can stay organized as items accumulate. Let your kids select their own backpacks and other items. Before hopping into the market to buy all the school supplies research on internet where you can get a much greater range of products and varieties of all those items and buy them at the ease of sitting at home and get them delivered at your home within in time to avoid any last moment hassle.
TechnologyTech tools can be expensive. Figure out what your kids will require and prioritize accordingly. Check with the teacher to find out what types of assignments your child will be doing and what kind of computer programs and gadgets are required for him.
Academics: Teachers have different opinions on whether kids should review academics before beginning a new school year. Some opine that knowledge enriching activities such as zoo and museum visits are more significant than workbooks and written review. But most agree that it’s very much useful to take time to review last year’s curriculum and making your child practice with that. Some kids, especially young ones, enjoy math and reading worksheets. Indulge them!
Books: The most significant thing your child can do over the time  to keep his/her mind sharp is to read as much as he or she can. As you get ready for a new school year, make sure he/she has completed any required reading. If he’s having trouble with reading or pronunciation try reading the book aloud together, so that he can get confidence of reading. If your child’s school does not require students to read specific books over the time, look for enjoyable books that tie into the social studies curriculum for the next year.
Study skills: If your child struggles to meet your expectations on report cards, he might not know how to study. Each year, the schoolwork gets harder and your child will be expected to do more independent learning. Spending some time on study skills before a new school year could be a wise investment. Your child’s former or future teacher can offer suggestions based on your child’s learning style.
Keep Kids Healthy: For most kids, their daily lives are much less structured before going to school. The shift back to the school year can be hard. Take into account your kids’ personalities and habits to determine how soon you need to start easing back into the school routine.
Bedtimes: Sleeping late in the morning and watching cartoons on television late night is a sublime pleasure for kids when they don’t have to go to school. But it can bring havoc on kids’ health if they have to all of a sudden start waking up early. Consider a step-down approach, gradually getting your kids to go to bed and wake up earlier.
Getting ready for back-to-school doesn’t have to be a drag. Emphasize the new school year as a fresh start and a chance to get off on the right foot and avoid bad habits like procrastination. Keep an upbeat attitude, and your kids will feel positive and energetic, too on the first day of school.

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