Wednesday, 18 January 2012

How to Study Faster and Remember More in Less Time?

With the everyday increasing availability of information to people at present, there is a real dire need for speed reading to keep oneself abreast. There are a number of techniques and methods that help in increasing your speed of reading and that too without really dropping your retention and comprehension capabilities. This helps students save time and get extra marks in the exams. This is advantageous for students because through this skill they can cover more chapters than their social group in less given time. Even in the corporate world, employees with this skill are able to comprehend different reports, newspapers, emails, correspondence and other technical papers much faster to excel in their careers. Therefore, it betters the efficiency and productivity of the person along with providing him more time to take care of other facets of life.
Speed Reading Techniques
Discovering to read speedily does not assist in enhancing the I.Q. level of a person, although, it does help in growing the brain’s ability to understand several new concepts in lesser time than ever. Moreover, one should build up his or her grasp on the language and vocabulary to master this skill entirely. A few very common and basic techniques that can be used are as follows:
  • Avoid Reading Word by Word: Unluckily, most of us are instructed to read anything especially our course books word by word since our childhoods. This is a characteristically general poor reading habit, which makes the person contemplate more on the words more willingly than the concept delivered by the consummate text. For speedier reading, one requires reading in lumps and blocks while comprehending the basic heart and soul of these groups.
  • Avoiding Sub Vocalization: This method is considered to be one of the most important speed reading techniques,  one should avoid sounding out each word when reading as it cuts down the comprehension ability and the pace of reading of the individual. One should practice on a regular basis to get out of this reading speed decelerating habit.
  • Focus on Reading: There are a lot of people who believe in multi tasking. Nevertheless, one should avoid mixing any other work during reading and try to just sit and read with concentration. Avoiding maximum possible distractions and disturbances will help tremendously in improving the reading speed of the individual.
  • Skimming the Content for Main Ideas: Reading is not an additive practice. It is not necessary that one take in the sentences and paragraphs sequentially and in order. One should develop the habit of scanning the whole content in the minimum possible time so that they can and focus more on the significant content, which are mostly marked in bold or are in bulleted points. This will help a person in avoiding the ruffle and focusing more on the very important material.
  • Take Regular Breaks: Regular studying for hours at a stretch dissembles the efficiency of the person while decelerating the retention process. One should take regular breaks to refresh him or herself, which also helps in deflecting much strain on the eyes.

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