Friday, 16 December 2011

Explore the Artistic Instinct of Your Child

The ability to imagine and creating things comes naturally in the children. All children have great imaginations in their minds and creativity in their little hands, but have you ever realized how much your child is learning from that simple coloring book? For your child arts and crafts, coloring, scribbling, messing with colors are just fun ways to get sticky and messy. But there are a few very glaring benefits which your child can derive from arts and crafts.
Below are just some of the reasons that arts and crafts can benefit children.
  • Children use their imaginations for creations and through art they express themselves in an enjoyable and colorful way while fostering their creativity and fueling their imaginations more.
  • Art and craft develops in children the hand-eye coordination. Activities like drawing, painting and coloring, cutting and pasting all help children develop their fine motor skills.
  • Art develops the whole brain of the child. It enhances focus and attention, necessitates practice and planned judgment, and requires interacting with the material world with help of diverse tools and mediums of art.
  • A blank piece of paper and colors help them find a way to transform, even they can learn problem solving skills through it. Even children can begin to interpret their ideas, vision or feeling into a final product by using the raw material like color pens, crayons, paper.
  • Art promotes teamwork and children can excogitate on their art to discover about themselves, each other, and other things around them.
  • When art and crafts are incorporated with other areas of the curriculum children become more occupied in the learning process, this can significantly help them in their overall academic achievement.
  • Children look at the world around them through emotional, physical and intellectual methods. They learn through their senses and observance and art and crafts provide them an excellent way of doing this.
  • Art and Crafts promote self esteem in the children. When they complete a project they have a unique sense of achievement, contentment and are proud of their accomplishment.
  • Art sets up children for facing the world and future. Being creative is a skill that can be used by the children in all everyday situations throughout their lives.
  • Most significantly, children indulged in art and craft activities learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. These activities inculcate firmness in them. They also learn to pay no heed to failures. Besides this it's Fun for children!!

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